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I've lived in northwestern Pennsylvania for my entire life, and dreamed of being a writer from the day I learned to read books with more words than pictures. I read voraciously, and daydreamed of becoming the next Beverly Cleary or Erma Bombeck, but real life happened while I was busy making plans. I held a variety of jobs while raising my family, but never stopped reaching for my personal star. I wrote at night while working as a service station attendant, waitress, daycare provider, and secretary during the day. This eclectic mix of jobs provided fodder for a wide range of characters and story ideas, and I now write novels, short stories, and articles.  Denise_Meyers_218x203.jpg (13453 bytes)
I started writing and selling travel articles geared toward families in the early 1990s. I didn't get rich by a long shot, but my husband and I discovered some wonderful places and enjoyed a few mini-vacations as I researched destinations like Bushkill Falls in the Pocono Mountains, Old Fort Niagara at the junction of Lakes Erie and Ontario, NY, and the wineries and lighthouses along Lake Erie.

A friend told me his sister, Lauren Nichols, a novelist, belonged to Pennwriters, Inc., a multi-genre writing organization based in Pennsylvania, and urged me to contact her. Calling Lauren was the smartest thing I've ever done for my career. I joined Pennwriters after one conversation with her and I can't thank her enough! I owe my education and success to this organization!

My urge to write fiction grew stronger, so I wrote a romance novel, acquired an agent at a Pennwriters conference, and joined RWA, the Romance Writers of America. My early fiction appeared in the Star magazine in the late 1990s, and my first novel, Driven To Love, was placed with Virtua Books, a now-defunct electronic publisher.  Hard Shell Word Factory contracted Driven To Love and it's available in four formats.

I expanded my non-fiction writing to include how-to articles for writers. My first writing article appeared in Bylines Magazine for Writers in March, 2002. Two of the biggest thrills of my career were selling an article to Novel Writing, a Writer's Digest Magazine, October 2003 issue, and being included in the 2004 Writer's Novel and Short Story Market, part of the Writer's Market annual guides. I love writing novels and short stories, and my friends' names often appear in my fiction. You can follow this link to the Writers Unlimited website to read some of my previously-published short stories.

In May, 2003, I received the Pennwriters Meritorious Service Award, the highest honor bestowed by the organization. I served as the Area One Representative in 1998 before being appointed vice-president in 1999. I became president of the organization in 2001.

I'm a member of Pennwriters, Inc., CataRomance, a writing haven for romance writers and readers, WritersUnlimited, a web community for readers and writers, and The Ditzy Chix, twelve talented and funny writers who've become some of my best friends in the world. I belong to my local volunteer fire department, but there's no truth to the rumor that my penchant for telling people where to go is the reason I'm a member of fire police. Well, maybe a little bit of truth, but......

Some personal information:

Birth date: After the era of the dinosaurs, before space travel
Residence: NW Pennsylvania, USA
Likes: My incredible and wonderful husband, my kids (most days) my grandkids, summer, any kind of chocolate, the color blue
Dislikes: Snow, taxes, stupidity, meanness
Memberships: Pennwriters, Ditzy Chix, CataRomance, RVFD






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